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I offer a range of services for commercial and residential interiors that will see a project from concept to completion:


Working on a design project includes any or all of the following:

  • Concepts

  • Colour solutions

  • Spatial planning and layout 

  • Drawing and Documentation

  • Council submission for CDC and DA

  • Budget schedules

  • Material specification

  • Product selection

  • Trade liaising and Quality Control during installation

  • Project management


Working on a decoration project includes any or all of the following:

  • Concepts

  • Colour solutions

  • Spatial planning and furniture layout 

  • Budget schedules

  • Material specification

  • Product selection

  • Quality Control during installation


Working on a styling project includes any or all of the following:

  • Concepts

  • Colour solutions

  • Budget schedules

  • Product selection

  • Quality Control during installation

  • Coordinating photoshoots

To enquire more about Services and your project, or if you'd like a complete Info Sheet, please send your details:

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Peri Mooney 1_edited.jpg

For Peri, design and decoration are symbiotic. It's the horse and cart of interiors; they can both exist, but they get further together. Through their harmony she can achieve a completeness in each project. 


After graduating from Enmore Design Centre in 2003, Peri has gathered experience in interior design, decoration and styling through many facets of the industry.

Having also taught at many design institutes, and developed complete courses for Diploma-level learning about design, Peri can explain away any area of design or construction.

Peri is an Associate Member of the Design Institute of Australia, and is passionate about the growth of the Australian design industry through education and a positive voice. Running an authentic, ethical design practice, Peri works with brands and people that are aligned with her ethos.

As a  strong concept-based designer, thinking about every aspect in-depth, interiors come together.

The most significant principle of her work is appropriateness (ironically, this doesn’t extend to her jokes), and each project is grounded in the clients needs and loves. 

Being a client-centric designer means that the clients style and/or brand is what leads the designer.

With a long list of great specialists and trades from years of practice, every service is backed with knowledge on many fronts and high quality advice.


Designers need to talk to lots of people. A lot. Luckily, I'm very good at that. Here’s other things about how I practice design:


  • A big believer in authentic design; a big supporter of ethical methods; and a big conceptual thinker. While that makes me sound quite big, it’s more that I challenge each space to make it the best it can be - for the purposes of the client and the harmony of the environment around it.


  • People and place are at the heart of my ethos. Everything is designed for people, and every design is to be a place for those people, not just a space. 


  • My designs are original, but still have influencers and influences. Meaning, I investigate a lot about different things that can help a space be as right as possible.


  • ​I get your vibe. As in, whether for your house or your business I want to make sure the design style is appropriate. If you don't know your style, or even if you do, I'll find it. 

  • I've a certain way of doing things – particular processes and methods that will ensure a project is being done as efficiently and as effectively as possible for everyone – clients, builders, council, trades.


  • It’s all in my head (in a good way). I can see the big picture for you, and from years of practice also see how it’s made up with the finer details. 

  • Communication is at an all time high. All the time. Due to my love of talking, everyone is kept informed through written documentation as well as clear visuals of samples and pictures and drawings.


  • I've got friends. From years of experience and time in the industry, comes a breadth of knowledge, resources and the commitment of long-standing supplier and trade relationships.

  • Money money money. Working with every budget, on an hourly rate there will be an estimate at the briefing for how long your project will need. Best to get it out in the open.

  • I can tear down walls. Or leave them. The design, decoration and styling projects I've completed are many and varied so I can confidently offer a wide range of services for each, as outlined below. 


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Always happy to chat, write, listen all things design. Send through an email about what you're after and I'll be in touch asap.


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