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WHO         Residential house for professional couple with adult kids and grandkids

WHAT        Interior Design, Decoration and Styling for the full renovation 

CONCEPT   Hide and Seek


This place came in as a commercial office building in a back alley right in the hustle of Neutral Bay, and emerged a year later as a three storey residential oasis, close to everything. How very New York.

The client is a very busy with work and action sports couple, who have very busy adult children and a sizeable handful of grandkids. So open space, and closed retreats, that can be easy, comfortable living for two people but can easily support many more for sleepovers and dinners.

Being a very narrow terrace, the aim of the game was to hide all faculties and use concealed elements to reveal. Thus the concept became Hide and Seek.

This was a complete design project including conceptualisation, drafting, full material and colour specifications and detailing as well as furniture fitout.

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