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Because I’m probably not going to be on This Is Your Life anytime soon, here’s a brief explanation about me, less official than the one here.

If you’ve had the pleasure of hearing my dulcet tones, you’ll know my name sounds a little weird, or as I like to call it, right.

For first timers (and those that I’ve never corrected) the hot tip is it rhymes with Marie or even better, it’s how the French pronounce Paris.

I’m an interior designer and decorator, practising (I'll get it right one day) in Sydney since 2003. I’ve also spent about ten years teaching and writing design courses at various design institutes in Sydney. The lethal (sans killing) combo of the two puts me on just a little cyber soapbox sometimes, mainly because I get asked about the ins and outs of the design industry on a weekly basis, and also because it’s really hard to get a spot in the Sydney Soapbox lineup.

So here seems another way for me to speak to anyone that wants to engage a designer, tackle design work for their own home themselves, study in one of the design fields and or even just if you’re my family or friend that wants to know what I am actually doing when I say I’m busy.

Also. To be clear. My blog posts are designed (lol) to help educate about designers and design moreso than actually designing. And even though I consider the topics up for (one-way) discussion serious, my brain works in puns, so hang in there.



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