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Welcome to the hotly anticipated follow up, as promised, about how you can afford good, authentic design. This is an all-important sequel to Fake v Real, and will have many sequels and prequels all around it. Much like Star Wars.

So anyway. After my compelling argument for Team Real, I feel certain you’ve all understood that Replica is not ok, yeah? Yeah.

And for the good reasons that whether or not you’re a specifier or a consumer of design, money is money, value is value, and falling off chairs is embarrassing at any size.

But what if I love it? I’ve picked the style I want my house or the concept I’m using to design someone elses space. And the Eames Eiffel chairs reeeeally work. But the real ones are too expensive. So I’ll have to get the replicas. Right?


Heard it all before, tell it to the judge.

The alternative might not be as simple to execute (and uncreative), but there is absolutely an alternative. And it not only commands kudos, it promotes economy, industry, education, sustainability and good vibes.

Omg. Tell us already.

Ok. But don’t be disappointed, it’s just logical. It’s not magic.

Buy something else.

Buy something that works for your concept or style that has been designed and manufactured and sold ethically by way of designer, manufacturer and seller.

Find new designs from new (or less known) designers – they are generally cheaper than well-established designers. Doing this can mean that you get a Picasso before he’s dead, or that you contribute to someone actually becoming well-established in their lifetime.

Showrooms and press releases are full of amazing new talent. Look for it. Ask for it. The legit furniture industry is dying to help you in this cause. Tell them you like the Eiffel chair but can’t afford it and watch them show you alternative options by the dozen.

But, if you think there is absolutely nothing else that will work but that Eames chair (which I am willing to agree to disagree on), you know what, you might even be able to find the original for cheaper somewhere else. It could be that the Australian supplier is overpricing (disclaimer: not specifically talking about any one or product here) and you can purchase it internationally if the delivery costs are reasonable. You could even find a used original at somewhere like Vampt or an Auction House. Or on the side of the road. Don’t laugh, have before and will continue to hunt out this method.

Short story getting longer. To my specifying friends, it’s your job to find designs that fit a concept AND price point. As in, it is literally your job.

It’s also your job to know what a real one looks like and how to smell a fake. Ignorance is not bliss for you unfortunately. And then actively pursuing is pretty much a crime (heavy).

A slight repeat from the previous post, but Imma just gonna leave you with this:

Consumers: Ask designers.

Designers: Tell consumers. It’s not giving away your livelihood, it’s actually helping it. It’s like if you asked a stockbroker what they think of the stock market. It’s just a conversation, it doesn’t make them any less rich. Look smart. Get real.



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